Xu Chengqiu Donated 3 Million RMB for Assisting the Development of QUST

On the morning of March 29th, the donation of Shandong Shangshun Chemical Co., Ltd. and the unveiling ceremony of “Shangshun Academic Report Hall” were held at the Sifang Campus of Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST). Ma Lianxiang, party secretary and president of QUST and director of QUST Alumni Association, Wei Dianhua, vice-president of QUST and vice-director of QUST Alumni Association and director of the Educational Development Foundation, and the donor Xu Chengqiu, 1966-alumnus of QUST and chairman of Shandong Shangshun Chemical Co., Ltd. attended the event. The ceremony was presided over by Zheng Deqian, director of the Party Committee (President) Office.

On behalf of QUSTpresident Ma Lianxiang expressed his gratitude to alumnus Xu Chengqiu and Shandong Shangshun Chemical Co., Ltdat the ceremony. Ma Lianxiang acknowledged that alumniis the most valuable wealth to their alma mater and said,“Today I am proud of my Alma mater, and tomorrow my Alma mater will be proud of me.”is the best interpretation of the relationship between alumni and the school.In his speech,Xu Chengqiuexpressed his thanksto the leaders and teachers of QUST for their education and concern for the development of his company, and he felt proud of the rapid development of QUST.

It is reported that Shandong Shangshun Chemical Co., Ltd donated 3 million RMB to QUST in support oftheuniversity construction and the development of education. The fund, the third donation from Xu Chengqiu, will be used under the comprehensive planning by university. In order to appreciate the generosity of Xu Chengqiu and Shandong Shangshun Chemical Co., Ltd, QUST named its LectureHall in Sifang campus as“ShangshunAcademic Lecture Hall”.

(Translated by Lu Yao)

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