Research Brief

Following the principle of developing the school through scientific researches, QUST has been promoting its scientific and technological innovation. To date, it has won 15 National Technological Invention Prizes, National Scientific and Technological Progress Prizes, and Dupont Technology Innovation Prize. Since 2011, the annual scientific research funds of QUST has reached over 100 millionyuanfor six years in a row, with a total of 1 billionyuan. QUST has made great achievements in the platform construction of scientific and technological innovation, and now it has 1 National Engineering Laboratory, 1 National Engineering Research Center, 1 State Key Laboratory Breeding Base, 3 Key Laboratories and Engineering Research Centers of MOE, 1 International Cooperation Base of the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 National University Science Park. The above 8 national innovation platforms makes QUST top the provincial universities in Shandong Province. Besides, it has 1 Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center, 35 Provincial Major Disciplines, Key Laboratories and Engineering Technical Research Centers.

QUST has adhered to taking the path of government-industry-university-research cooperation and has yielded great economic benefits by applying scientific research achievements to actual production. Seven listed companies have been founded as the result of the transformation of scientific research achievements or offering core technology, namely MESNAC, Yantai Wanhua Group, Sailun Co. Ltd, Qingdao Kingking Group, Qingdao HILYWILL Advanced Materials Technology Co. Ltd, BOSTD Geosynthetics Qingdao Ltd, and Qingdao Gaoxin Co. Ltd. QUST has been twice awarded the title of “Outstanding University of Industry-University-Research Cooperation in Shandong Province” and was acclaimed as QUST Mode that was reported in depth byDecision-making Referencesof State Council Research Office, CCTV News and Focus Interview of CCTV.


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