Application Guide

1. Application Materials
(1) A completed “Application Form for Foreigners Desiring to Study in Qingdao University of Science and Technology”. The Form can be downloaded from

(2) Photocopies of schooling certificates and transcripts (in Chinese or English);
(3) A photocopy of passport;
(4) Resume (in Chinese or in English);
(5) A letter of guarantee in Chinese or in English (Students shall guarantee in the letter that they will abide by the laws and decrees of the Chinese government, and will not participate in any activities in China which are deemed to be adverse to the social order of China and are inappropriate to the capacity as a student);
(6) Study or research plan: (in Chinese or in English), no less than 800 words;
(7) Photocopies of New HSK score report (Level 4 or above). The applicants for English medium programs do not need to provide New HSK score report;
(8) Applicants for Master's degree and Doctoral degree programs need to provide two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors.

2. Application Method
 Please send the materials above (Chinese Language Learners send material (1)---(5) to:
 International College, Qingdao University of Science and Technology,
 99 Songling Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao, Shandong, P. R. China. 266061
 Tel: 0086-532-88956873

3. Application Deadlines
(1) Long-term Chinese language learning students:
Spring Enrollment: before November 30th the previous year
Autumn Enrollment: before May 30th
(2) Summer school short-term students: before May 30th
(3) Winter school short-term students: before November 30th the previous year
(4) Students of Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree or Doctoral degree:
Spring Enrollment: before November 30th the previous year
Autumn enrollment: before May 30th
(5) Group short-term program application: year round enrollment

4. Visa Application and Registration
(1). Visa Application
    The Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) will be sent to or collected by admitted applicants by or at International College of Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST). Then the admitted applicants can take the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply for an X visa. The applicants should have medical examinations in the hospital appointed by the Embassy or Consulate of the People's Republic of China. The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners.

(2). Registration
    Date for registration is presented in the Admission Notice. Pick-up service is arranged for new-comers during the registration date. Upon registration, new students shall present passports, Admission Notice, Physical Examination Form for Foreigners along with four passport photos. Those who are unable to register on time must get permission from the University directly. Those who fail to register without the prior consent of the University will be considered as voluntarily giving up the right of registration.

(3). Health Verification and Residence Permit
    Health verification: new students who are to stay in China for more than 6 months are requested to bring their passports, Admission Notice, the original Foreigner Physical Examination Form and the Blood Test Report to the local health quarantine office to have their medical examination reports verified. The new students who do not meet the requirements of the above authority will be required to re-take the medical examination. Those who refuse to re-take the medical examination or are diagnosed with diseases that are not permitted to stay in China according to the Chinese laws and regulations will be required to leave China.
    Residence Permit: After the health verification, the new students must apply for residence permit to the local police authority with their passports, Admission Notice and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) and other relevant materials within 30 days upon their arrival.
   Expenses incurred in the procedures above shall be born by the students themselves.

   Notes: Application materials and fees are nonrefundable. The application fee should be paid in cash or by postal remittance, personal checks are not accepted (please send the photocopy of postal remittance receipt to Once receiving it, we will go on with related procedures).

You can also apply online through our International Student Services Platform :


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