Chinese Language Programs

We open different courses for international students with different Chinese levels.

1. Long-term Chinese Language Program (above one semester)
We have three grades of Chinese language programs for international students with different Chinese levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced programs. There are several classes in each grade. Students can choose the one that best fit in with their learning.              
Opening time: Every March and September.
Curriculums of Chinese Courses  

Required Courses
Total hours per week
Selective Courses
HSK Courses
Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Extensive Reading, Listening
Calligraphy, Tai chi (shadow boxing), Chinese Painting, Chinese Folk Music, Chinese Culture, Chinese Literature, Chinese Film, Chinese Philosophy, etc.
HSK, Intermediate Level and Advanced Level
Intermediate Class
Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Extensive Reading, Listening
Senior Class
Intensive Reading, Listening (Including News Listening), Extensive Reading      (Including Newspaper Reading),
Oral    Chinese,
Chinese Writing
2. Winter/Summer School               (2 - 8 weeks)  
The Winter/Summer School will mainly have Listening and Speaking course, Reading and Writing course. There are 20 class hours each week. Special courses can be arranged for group students with similar level of Chinese. Opening time: Every July and January, the exact dates will be available on the University’s website.
3. HSK Intensive Course (4 weeks - 1 semester)
It is a course special prepared for students who are planning to take HSK tests. There is 15-20 class hours each week.
All the above courses will be taught in small class, each class will have less than 20 students. Supplementary tutoring is possible for those who have difficulties in learning and following the class.
4. Chinese Culture Class  
It is a class for foreign students to learn Chinese culture and tour historic sites. The time, content, cost, etc. will be decided between the group and us.


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