Catalogue of Academic Programs

A: Bachelor's Degree (4-year Program)

1. Liberal Arts Programs:

Animation; Advertising; Editing and Publication; Chinese Language and Literature; English; Russian; German; Japanese; Korean; Legal Science; Social Work.

2. Economics and Management Programs:
International Economy and Trade; Industrial Engineering; Business Administration; Marketing; Financial Management; Logistics Management; Urban Management.
3. Arts Programs:
Visual Communication Design; Environment Design;Product Design;Clothing and Accessory Design;Painting; Music Performance;Fashion Design and Engineering; Industrial Design.
4. Science and Technology Programs:
High-polymer Material and Engineering★; Composite Materials and Engineering; Packing Engineering; Printing Engineering; Light Chemical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering★; Material-shaping and Control Engineering; Process Equipment and Control Engineering; Energy and Power Engineering; Storage and Transportation of Oil and Gas; Shipping and Marine Engineering; Chemical Engineering and Technology★; Pharmaceutics Engineering; Bio-engineering; Metal Material Engineering; Inorganic Non-metal Material Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Safety Engineering; Test-control Technology and Instrument; Electronic Engineering and Automation; Automation; Science and Technology★; Telecommunication Engineering ★; Software Engineering; Computer Science and Technology★; Internet of things engineering; Integrated Circuit Design and Integrated System; Mathematics and Applied Mathematics; Information and Computing Science; Applied Physics; Chemistry; Applied Chemistry★; Marine Science; Bio-technology; Material Physics★; Material Chemistry; Electronic Information Science and Technology; Environmental Science; Pharmaceutics Engineering; New Energy Materials and Device; Smart Grid Information Engineering; Food Quality and Safety.
★  These programs are taught in English if the number of students is over 15 or above.
B: Master's Degree(2-4 year Program)
1. Liberal Arts Programs: 
English Language and Literature; Russian Language and Literature; English Language and Applied Linguistics; English Translation (professional degree); English Interpretation (professional degree); Marxism Theory.
2. Economics and Management Programs: 
Business Administration; Business Administration (professional degree); Project Management (professional degree); Applied Economics; Information Science.
3. Arts Programs: 
Fine Arts; Design Studies. 
4. Science and Technology Programs: 
Chemical Engineering and Technology; Light Industry Technology and Engineering; Medicinal Chemistry; Pharmaceutics; Pharmaceutical Engineering; Application of Microbial Engineering; Chemical Engineering (professional degree) ; Pharmaceutical Engineering(professional degree); Biological Engineering (professional degree) ;Polymer Chemistry and Physics; Material Science; Materials Processing Technology; Engineering Mechanics; Mechanical Engineering; Precision Instrument and Machinery; Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo physics; Mechanical Engineering (professional degree) ;Material Engineering (professional degree) ; Power Engineering (professional degree) ;Control Science and Engineering; Control Engineering (professional degree) ; Inorganic Chemistry; Analytical Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Physical Chemistry; Marine Chemistry; Applied Chemistry; Biological Engineering (professional degree); Material Physics & Chemistry; Industrial Catalysis; Mathematics; Statistics; Environmental Science and Engineering; Safety Science and Engineering; Safety Engineering (professional degree) ;Computer Science and Technology; Software Engineering; Computer Technology (professional degree) ; Software Engineering (professional degree).

C: Doctoral Degree (3-5 year Program)
Science and Technology Programs:
Chemical Engineering and Technology; Polymer Chemistry and Physics; Material Science; Material Processing Engineering; Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo Physics; Mechanical Design and Theory; Applied Chemistry.


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