Chen Kezheng Attends Annual Symposium of Colleges and Universities of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The 2019 Annual Symposium of Colleges and Universities of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was held in Nanjing on May 10th. Sponsored by China Education Association of Chemical Industry (CEACI), the symposium was undertaken by Nanjing Tech University. Present at the meeting were Hao Changjiang, the director of China Education Association of Chemical Industry (CEACI), Zhou Weibin, the CEACI deputy director and chief executive of Chemical Industry Press), Tang Xuhua, associate secretary-general of CEACI, and other leaders from 16 colleges and universities of chemical industry. Vice president Chen Kezheng attended the meeting on behalf of Qingdao University of Science & Technology.

Chen Kezheng made akeynote speech titled“Thoroughly Implementing theSpirit of the National Education Conferenceto Promote Sound and Rapid Development of QUST”.He introduced QUST’s measures and experience of promoting quality development and realizing sound and rapid development.Chen Kezheng discussed the construction of "high-level personnel training system, high-level scientific research system and high-level social service system" in order to promote the development of chemical colleges and universities in the new era and to serve the national strategic mission.

The attendees also include the leaders from Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Nanjing Tech University and other universities.Around the theme of“Practicing and Reconsidering Quality Development in the New Era”, the participants made broad andin-depth discussion.

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