QUST welcomes new students

On August 30, with cool autumn breeze and white clouds in the blue sky, the campuses of Qingdao University of Science and Technology were filled with colorful flags and banners, and the faculty and students of QUST were welcoming the 2019 new students, who are from all over the country. Accompanied by the heads of University functional departments, the university leaders Li Qingling, Zhang Shuhua, Wei Dianhua and Chen Kezheng came to the reception stands of each college and school to greet the new students.

In order to ensure a safe and smooth welcoming of the new students, the university has held several coordination meetings and arranged special work such as freshmen registration, preliminary education and other related work. At the same time, the university conducted inspection and offered guidance on campus traffics, especially vehicle parking to ensure campus safety. According to the welcoming schedule, the university will carry out military training, opening ceremony, preliminary education and other activities for new students after they register.

This year, the university admitted 11,682 new students from 29 provinces and autonomous regions, including 10,158 undergraduate students, 1,465 postgraduate students and 59 doctoral students.

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