QUST Signed an Agreement on Co-constructing “the Collaborative Innovation Center of High Efficiency Clean Utilization of Coal and Tackling Climate Change”

On May 7th, the signing ceremony of “The High Efficiency Clean Utilization of Coal and ClimateChangeCollaborative Innovation Center” andtheopening ceremony ofitsQingdao branchwere held in Qingdao Oceantec Valley. QUST has signed thefour-partyagreement withCNH Energy, Taiyuan University of Technology and China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd. Present at the opening ceremonyarethe former vice-president of CAE Xie Kechang, vice-secretary andgeneral manager of CNH Energy Ling Wen,leaders fromTaiyuan University of Technology andQingdao Oceantec Valley,and experts and scholars attendingthe Cross-straitClimateChange andEnergySustainableDevelopmentForum. The Party Secretary,President of QUST Ma Lianxiang and deputy PartySecretary Li Qingling also attended the ceremony, and vice-president Liu Guangyesigned the Agreementon behalf of QUST.The ceremony was held by Gu Dazhao.

In his speech, Ma Lianxiang remarked that QUST is one of the originators of“Cross-Strait Climate Change and Energy Sustainable Development Forum”, and the permanent resident of its mainland secretariat. QUST has the“Research Institute of Climate Change and Energy Sustainable Development” and“Qingdao Branch of Strategic Research on Climate Change and Capacity Building of Carbon Market”, which have created the solid foundation for the study of“the high efficiency utilization of coal and tackling climate change”.

The Innovation Center included three sub-centers locating in Beijing, Taiyuan and Qingdao.The Qingdao Sub-center will be built relying on QUST.The Unveiling Ceremony was also held for the sub-center of“The High Efficiency Utilization of Coal and Tackling Climate Change Collaborative Innovation Center”.

(Translated by Tian Jun)

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