Brief Introduction to Qingdao University of Science and Technology

Qingdao University of Science & Technology (QUST) is a key university of Shandong Province and has been approved to build it a special elite university for cultivating applied and basic talents with the approval of the province. It is a multi-disciplinary university which focuses on engineering, coordinately develops with science, engineering, art, economic, management, medicine and law, and distinguishes itself by material science, chemical engineering, applied chemistry, mechanical engineering, automation, and information technology and computer science.
        QUST grew out of Shenyang Advanced Vocational School founded in 1950, and moved to Qingdao in 1956.  In 1958, QUST was upgraded to Shandong Institute of Chemical Engineering under the approval of the People’s Government of Shandong Province and began to conduct higher education formally. It was renamed Qingdao Institute of Chemical Technology under the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE) in 1984. In 1998, QUST was handed over to Shandong Province from Ministry of Chemistry (MCI), jointly managed by the central and local government with the local government shouldering the primary managing responsibility. In 2002, approved by MOE, QUST was renamed Qingdao University of Science and Technology after merging Qingdao Arts and Crafts School of Shandong Province. 
        In recent years, QUST has been implementing scientific outlook on development completely and thoroughly, made great achievements in various undertakings and its basic conditions of education have obviously been bettered. Now it has three campus, including Laoshan Campus, Sifang Campus and Gaomi Campus, which covers an area of 900,000 square meters. It has a library collection of over 2 million books and magazines and the fixed assets of RMB2.2 billion yuan. QUST has a staff of 2055, among them there are 810 holding senior professional and technical titles, one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 double-employed academicians, one expert of the State Thousand Foreign Expert Program, one candidate of the National Special Talent Support Plan, one winner of National Distinguished Model Teacher, one of the first-and second-level candidates for the National Talent Project, one candidate for the New Century National Talent Projects, 3 Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, 10 National Outstanding Teachers, 7 special-appointed professors of Taishan Scholar”, 7 Overseas Distinguished Experts of Taishan Scholar”, 10 Provincial Distiguished Model Teachers, 5 academic pacesetters of Shandong Province, 4 leading experts of key disciplines of Shandong Province, 4 Top Ten Outstanding Teachers of Shandong High Education Institutions, 29 Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province, 31 top talents with professional skills of Qingdao, 51 teachers receiving special allowance from the State Council.
         QUST has 3 first-level doctoral disciplines, 24 second-level doctoral majors, 4 postdoctoral mobile research stations, 20 first-level postgraduate disciplines, 125 postgraduate majors, and 68 undergraduate programs. It owns one National Engineering Laboratory, one National Engineering and Technology Research Center, one National Key Laboratory Base, 3 Key Laboratories and Engineering Research Centers of Ministry of Education, and one Provincial Collaborative Innovation Center.  There are 30 provincial-level Key Subjects, Laboratories and Engineering Research Centers, 12 Key Laboratories, Engineering Research Centers and Professional Centers of Qingdao. QUST has 2 national teaching teams, 7 provincial teaching teams, 5 national characteristic specialties, one national innovation experimental area of talent cultivating model, 16 provincial brands and characteristic disciplines, 45 provincial excellent courses. It wins 2 National Teaching Achievement Awards, 2 national top-quality courses, one national bilingual model course, one National Demonstrational Center of Experimental Teaching, one National Educational Center of Engineering Practice, 2 courses selected into the National Excellent Course Bank, one national open video course, one National Pilot Project of Comprehensive Reforming Discipline, 4 National Plans for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers, one Out-of-School Practice Teaching Base of Undergraduates.
 In recent years, QUST has actively promoted open strategy and internationalization strategy and cooperated with 69 universities of 16 countries, such as Germany, Korea, America, Canada, Russia and France at different levels and areas. Sino-German Technical College (CDTF in German) founded by QUST and the University of Paderborn of Germany has been included into the cooperation between the governments of Germany and China, and is honored as the model of joint-education cooperation. QUST sets up R&D Centers, International Engineer Training Center, Post-undergraduate Stations, University Student Business Start-up Center, and joint-labs with world-known companies, such as Lanxess (Germany), Alps (Japan) to jointly cultivate talents of different levels (Bachelor, Master and PhD), progressively improves the internationalization of its educational system and forms a distinctive international features of education. In recent years, the employment rate in international companies of graduates of QUST is increasing year by year, some majors have over 50% of their graduates employed by overseas companies. You can find graduates of QUST in many multinational corporations, such as BASF, BAYER, Volkswagen, Degussa, Sanyo, and Alps etc.
 QUST attaches great importance to the scientific researches and has won 14 National Technological Invention Prizes, National Scientific and Technological Progress Prizes, one Dupont Technology Innovation Prize of Ministry of Science and Technology. According to the release of China Allumi Network (, QUST ranks the 29th among colleges and universities across the country in the list of "2010 Chinese Major National Technology Award for Top Colleges and Universities", the 59th in the 2010 Chinese University Science Contribution List” and ranks No.1 among provincial universities in Shandong Province in these lists.
 In recent years, QUST has adhered to taking the path of government-industry-university-research cooperation and has yielded great economic benefits by applying scientific research achievements to actual production. Four listed companies have been founded as the result of transformation of scientific research achievements, namely MESNAC, Yantai Wanhua Group, Sailun Co. Ltd, and Qingdao Kingking Group. Its exploration and achievements in the industry-university-research cooperation is widely hailed as the phenomenon of Qingdao University of Science and Technology". As the only university representative of Shandong, QUST delivered speeches twice at Shandong Industry-University-Research Cooperation Conference in 2009 and 1022. And it has also been rated twice as "Outstanding University of Industry-University-Research Cooperation", and was complimented as QUST Mode” by vice secretary Wang Junmin of Shandong Province.
          In more than 60 years of development, QUST has accumulated and formed its school motto as "Virtuous, Studious, Aspiring, and Innovative", its school ethos of Self-improving, Pragmatic, Competitive and Initiative", its school spirit United and Self-improving, Hard-working and Plain-living, Daring to Be the First, Pioneering and Innovating and its rubber-like character of Endurable, Persistent, Simple, Dedicating, Collaborating and Load-bearing. Over 60 years, QUST has trained a large number of industry elites for Chinese rubber industry and is honored as Whampoa of Chinese Rubber Industry. Its high-quality teaching won it as an Excellent University of Undergraduate Education Evaluation assessed by the MOE.  It has formed the distinctive personnel training mode of one body, two wings, which has helped further improving its education quality, and its employment rate of graduates ranks the No.1 for eight years successively in Shandong. In 2011, it ranks No.4 among all the universities in Shandong and No.1 of all universities of Shandong Province in the National List of Graduate Quality of Chinese Universities.
         Under the guidance of the spirit of the Eighteenth Congress of Chinese Communist Party, leaded by the Scientific Outlook on Development, QUST follows the path of connotative development, characteristic development, opening development, and innovative development unswervingly and strives to build itself into a multidisciplinary and high-level teaching and research university with distinct characteristics.
        (Translated by Liu Min)

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