"QUST-1" Satellite Successfully Launched

“QUST-1” Satellite wassuccessfully launchedfrom the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at12:42pmBeijing time on April 26. Those who watched the launching process at the Center were party secretary and president Ma Lianxiang, vice president Chen Kezheng, former vice president Wang Wenzheof Qingdao University of Science and Technology(QUST),Yan Jun, chairman of the Zhuhai Orbita Aircraft Science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Wenqi,deputy secretary and mayorofGaomi.Before the launching, Wang Futong, alumni of QUST anddeputy commander ofJiuquan Satellite Launch Center, briefed Ma Lianxiang on the launch of satellite andaccompanied the leaders to watch the launching process.

The launch of the “QUST-1” Satellite isnot onlyan important measureof promotingthe kinetic energy conversion, butalso the latest achievementin realizingGovernment-Industry-Education-Research cooperation. “QUST-1” Satellite’s data receiving base,setting at theSchool of Data Science of QUST,will provide government, society, industry, and makers withhigh spatial resolution and high time resolution data and solutions, which areof great practical significance to serve and support the "ten industries" of kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province, especiallya newgeneration of information technology industry.

(Translated by Yan Ning)

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