Investigation at QUST by Leaders of Department of Finance and Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province

On March 9, a delegation headed by CHEN Xiangzhi, deputy director of the Finance Department of Shandong Province, and LI Chulin, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, came to QUST for the investigations on the transformation of scientific research achievements and the pilot reform of scientific research system, accompanied by school leaders LIU Xingyun, MA Lianxiang, WANG Wenzhe, LIU Guangye, WEI Dianhua.

The delegation investigated Qingdao Hitech Moulds Co. Ltd., a company incubated by the school scientific research achievements, the Key Laboratory of Rubber-Plastics of Ministry of Education, Shandong Key Laboratory of Catalyzation & Polymerization of Olefin (Chambroad), the National University Science Park and the Laboratory Building of Fine Chemistry to know the school scientific research achievements and the laboratory construction. After that, they also listened to the relative work report.

After the visit, the Sci-tech Talents Symposium on Pilot Work for Scientific Research Reform in Colleges and Universities was held at the meeting room of the National University Science Park. LIU Xingyun, secretary of the CPC Committee of QUST, presided over the symposium. On behalf of the school CPC Committee and administration, he extended his thanks to the Finance Department and the Department of Science & Technology of Shandong Province for their trust and support. MA Lianxiang, president of QUST, introduced the basic information of the school. LIU Guangye, vice-president of QUST, gave the work report on the school scientific research system, transformation of the achievements in scientific research, and discipline companies, and illustrated the work plan of the school. The leaders attended the meeting had an in-depth exchange of views on the issues such as the scientific research reform in colleges and universities with representatives.

At the meeting, CHEN Zhixiang pointed out that the field investigation at QUSTvery much impressedhim. Shandong Province will further increase the investment in science and education, and the transformation of scientific research achievements should be a top priority. The industry-university-research cooperation of QUST is so prominent that many listed companies have been cultivated. In the future, the investment and financing system should be jointly studied to improve the effectiveness of the industry-university-research cooperation.

LI Chulin stated that this investigation at QUST was to implement the relative policies of Shandong CPC Committee to deepen the reform of scientific research system, based on the previous agreement on the pilot reform of the scientific research system in colleges and universities. Through the pilot reform in QUST, a sample and benchmark would be set up for other universities to follow in their scientific systems and management methods, so as to provide a strong impetus for the social and economic development of Shandong Province.

School leaders said that QUST would try its best to do the concerned work well, such as to develop the capital channel, manage the approved projects, build the talent teams, propagate the spirit of the documents, and to implement the policies, in order to make its due contribution to the social and economic development of Shandong Province.

(Translated by WANG Xing)

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