Jinan Campus of QUST Unveiled, Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province Merged into QUST

On the morning of March 17th, the inauguration ceremony ofShandong Chemical Technology Academy of QUST & Summit Forum of Green Chemical Industry held in Jinan Swallow Villa, which marks the formal merging of Chemical Technology Academy of ShandongProvince into QUST. It is a successful example of integration of science and education in Shandong Province, and also a landmark achievement made by QUST after Shandong Province started its pilot reform on scientific research system in higher education institutions.

Present at ceremony

are Xie Kechang (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, foreign academician of the American Academy of Engineering and the dean of QUST Institute of Climate Change and Energy Sustainable Development ), Xu Maobo (inspector of Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province), Xia Luqing (Deputy Director of Department of Human Resource and Social Security and also Deputy Secretary of its CPC Committee), Chen Xiangzhi (member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of the Ministry of Finance of Shandong Province) , Shao Changcai (Deputy Director of Commission Office of Shandong Province), Gong Shouliu (Deputy Inspector of the Shandong Provincial Department of Education), Zhang Minghua and Zhang Dongquan (former leaders of Shandong Provincial Chemical Industry Department), Liu Xingyun (CPC Secretary of QUST), Ma Lianxiang (President of QUST), Liu Guangye (Vice-President of QUST) and Feng Weichun (Dean of Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province). Xie Kexang and Liu Xingyun unveiled the plaque for the Academy, and Gong Shouliu and Ma Lianxiang unveiled the plaque for the Jinan Campus of QUST. The ceremony was chaired by Liu Guangye.

For a long time, a common phenomenon in Shandong Province and even in whole China is that science and technology are separated from education, which is not conducive to utilizing scientific research force, and talents cultivating. To solve this problem, Shandong Province promulgated “The Notice on Promoting the Comprehensive Reform of Higher Education” and proposed “to classify and integrate the resources of provincial scientific research institutes and universities to form a development force to promote high-level universities construction". In this context, QUST reached a consensus with Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province to be committed to achieve the goals of strong combination, complementary advantages, resource sharing and win-win development, and to boost the construction of "Double First-rate" high-level university of QUST.

Shao Changca

i,Deputy Director of Commission Office of Shandong Province, read outthe "TheNotice of theCommissionOffice of the Shandong Province on theMerging of Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province into QUST". The notice goes that theChemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province merges into QUSTcompletelyand will no longer be restructured to enterprise. Itsstaffof 160 will betransferred toand included into the manning quotasof QUST, and the service and management of the retired staffwill be in the charge of QUST. Its assets, credit and debt will also be transferred to QUST. In order to ensure the smooth and orderly conduct of themerging QUSThas set up a coordination team on the incorporation issuewhohas organized several field researches and exchange seminars to solve the related matters. After themerging, theChemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province will be renamed as“Shandong Chemical Technology Academy of QUST ”, be a scientific research institution of QUST, and bethe JinanCampus of QUST.

Gong Shouliu,Deputy Inspector ofShandong Provincial Department of Education, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that Shandong Provincial Government attaches great importance to the integration of science and education,andis steadily promoting the integrationand co-constructionof scientific research institutionsand higher-learning universities.Themerging of ChemicalTechnology Academy of Shandong Provinceinto QUST is abeneficial attempt to explore the law of scientific and technological innovation and higher education, which has a positive effect on accelerating the comprehensive reform and "Double First-rate" construction of universities. QUST is a key university anda distinguishing university for the cultivation of fundamental and professional talents of Shandong Province.It has distinctive characteristicsand unique advantagesin discipline construction, personnel training, scientific and technological innovation and theintegration ofgovernment-industry-university-and research, and also enjoyswide reputation in the national rubber tire industryandchemical fields.Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province isthe largest integrated chemical researchinstitutionand development unit in ShandongProvince with its technologyin feed additives, chemical intermediates andrubber additives at the leading domestic level. The twoparties have a high degree of relevance in subject background, technical characteristics andservice industry,which provides a great chance for the two parties to havecomplementary advantages. The combination fullymanifests the spirit ofthecomprehensive reform of higher education andthe construction of"Double First-rate" university, and is also in accordance with thereform of scientific and educational system anda high degree of integrationof science and education. Hence, the incorporation will enjoy abroad prospect and will getvigorously support fromthe Provincial Department of Education.

On behalf of QUST,President Ma Lianxiang delivered a speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that China is nowvigorously implementing the innovation-driven strategy and the construction of"Double First-rate" university, and Shandong Province willcomprehensively deepen the reform of higher education andaccelerate the scientific research system innovation andtheconstruction of"first-rate discipline, first-rate university".The combination ofQUST and Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Provinceis thestrategic decision made by theprovincial government after the consideration of the situation. The combinationisthe initiative actionto deepen the comprehensive reform of higher education andpromote the deep integration of science and education,andan important strategy of following thelaw of higher-education developmentand speeding up the construction of Shandong Province into astrongone of economy and culture. After the incorporation, the twopartieswill carry out more broader and deeper cooperation in the integration of industry, university and research, major scientific research projects,postgraduate students cultivation and first-rate disciplines breeding, strives to create a sound development.

Ma Lianxiangalsosaidthat the incorporationstarts a new page of history forbothQUST andthe Academy. Theincorporation will bring about big advantages of research and development in the chemical field ofShandong Province. It will not only promote QUST’s development in disciplines of chemistry and chemical engineering, but also will accelerate theindependent research of keycommon technology in the chemical and material fields in Shandong Province. Andit will boostthedevelopment ofchemical industry andscience and technology education of Shandong, which will add new power to the construction of"Double First-rate" andmake greater contributionsto the harmonious development of economy and societ

In his speech, Feng Weichun, director of“Shandong Chemical Technology Academy of QUST”noted that the strategic choice of incorporation is amilestone in the development of QUST, which provides a better opportunity for thefaster development ofthe university. Facing the new situation, new tasks and new opportunities, the staff oftheAcademy will advance with the times and work hardtorealize thedeep integration of institutional mechanisms, development characteristics, talent cultivation andcultural traditions as soon as possible,andcontribute more wisdom and strength to the construction of the "spiritual, cultural, responsible, dynamic, distinctive" high level university of QUST.

TheGreen Chemical Summit Forum washeld after the opening ceremony,and Academician Xie Kexang made a report entitled "Modern energy system and green chemical industry". President Ma Lianxiang commentedthatXie Kexang’s research in modern energy system and green chemistry showsbroad vision, big platform,open mind, boldness and generosity, whose work, facing history, reality, future, development,and people's livelihood, and has made greatcontributions to the development of China's clean energy and green chemical industry.

Liu Guang Ye, Feng Weichun accepted the interview of several media like China Chemical Industry News, Science and Technology Daily, China Science Daily, Dazhong Daily, Shandong Educational TV Station, Qingdao Daily and Qingdao TV Station.

It is reported that after merging into QUST, Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province will take practical actions to boost "Double First-rate" construction of QUST.Firstly, itwill make full use ofQUST’sadvantages in basic theoretical research andapplication research, as well as the"pilot base", the capability ofachievement transformation andproject developmentofthe Academy tobuild aninnovation chain from basic research, common technology to theapplication ofachievement transformation, explore a systemic organization model of scientific research witha whole chainconnecting innovation and industry. Secondly, it plans to jointly invest 150 millionyuan to buildan “Innovation Center of Green Chemical Industry and New Materials” by uniting some research units and enterprises.The center is oriented by the major needs of the industry, will strive to improve its ability of solving major problems and of original innovation, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, highlight the combination of industry, university and research, explore the innovation mechanism forscientific and technological operationto serve the transformation and upgrading of chemical industry, theoptimization ofindustrial structure and implement of safe production in Shandong Province. Thirdly, both parties will integrate their advantagesineducation and scientific research, offer special professional courses and lectures, make use ofthe laboratory, pilot base, shareholding enterprises andcooperative enterprisesofthe Academy to cultivate top-notch innovative talents by encouraging undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD candidates to take part in R & D innovation, achievements conversion and production practice.

On the afternoon of March 16th, headed by Liu Guangye, the heads of relevant departments and colleges of QUSTwentto the Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province, and had a meeting withits leading members and heads of its departments and enterprises on the relevant issues of theincorporation. After the meeting, accompanied by Feng Weichun, they visited the laboratories andquality inspection stations.

News link: Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province was founded in 1958, which grew out of Jinan Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shandong Institute of Petrochemical. It is the largest comprehensive chemical technology research and development units of Shandong province, and is leading unit in China in application development research in fields likefeed additives, chemical Intermediates, rubber additives. It has many affiliated institutions like Feed Additives Engineering Technology Center of Chemical Industry (National),Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering ofShandong Province,Fine Chemical Research Pilot Base ofShandong Province,Environmental Monitoring Center ofShandong Province, Shandong Quality Supervision and Inspection Station ofBasic Chemical Products andChemical Industry Information Center ofShandong Province.It also has such enterprises as Fine Chemicals Center of Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province, Modern Animal Care Products Factory, Shandong Siwei Chemicals Safety Evaluation Center, ShandongIFT Science &Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Chemical Reagent &Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Aina Analysis InstrumentTechnologyService Center, Jinan Chunxu Chemical Design Co., Ltd.. Moreover, ithasacquired qualifications insafety evaluation, safety training, production safety testing, safety production standardization assessment, occupational hazards detection, food inspection, environmental impact assessment, engineering design, technical advice and sci-tech novelty retrieval. Its talent teams cover the fields of organic chemical industry, inorganic chemical industry, fine chemical industry, bio-chemical industry, analytical chemistry, chemical environmental protection, chemical safety, chemical design andchemical instrumentation. TheAcademy now has one Taishan scholar, two Shandong Provincial-levelYoung andMid-agedExperts withOutstandingContributions, twoAdvanced Workers of NationalOil andChemicalIndustry and one OutstandingScience andTechnologyWorker of National Chemical Industry. TheAcademy hasundertaken27National Scientific and Technological Key Projects, 264 provincial science and technology projects,and has won123 provincial and national scientific and technological progress awards. It has two national key new products and 76 patents, formulated or updated 27 technical standards, and has published 891 papers. TheAcademyhas carried out 33,671 times of technical development, process improvement, industrial upgrading, technology transfer, inspection and testing, professional consulting and training services.

Translated by Liu Chao

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