Qingdao Gaoxin Co. Ltd Listed in NEEQ

On February the 24th, the Qingdao Gaoxin Information Industry Co. Ltd. (Qingdao Gaoxin), which has grown out of a QUST-run company (Qingdao Gaoxiao Computer Company)and has finally passed the auditing of National SME Share Transfer System and successfully listed on NEEQ (Stock abbreviation: Gaoxin Stock; Stock code: 870805). So far, there have been six enterprises listed through the transformation of scientific research achievements or the support of core technology from QUST. They are the MESNAC Co. Ltd., the Yantai Wanhua Group Co. Ltd., the Sailun Co.Ltd., the Qingdao Chinakingking Group, the Qingdao Hilywill Advanced Materials and Technology Co. Ltd and the Qingdao Gaoxin.

Qingdao Gaoxin is another achievement of QUST who has been adhering to the road of development with characteristics and the principle of industry-university-research integration. Qingdao Gaoxin is not only the professional solutions provider in smart energy industry and energy-saving and environmental protection industry, but also the manufacturer of both software and hardware with its main business covering management of urban public energy, green park construction, enterprise energy monitoring and technical reconstruction of energy-conservation and environment protection. Relying on the discipline advantages and enterprise-university-research cooperation platform of QUST, the Qingdao Gaoxin has successively established long-term strategic cooperative relations with numerous research institutes or colleges and universities like China Electric Power Research Institute, Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute, Beijing Research Institute of China Telecom, Guizhou Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Yanzhou Huajian Design and Research Institute, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, North China Electric Power University and Ocean University of China, and has successfully applied the achievements of technical research and development in the fields of ‘energy control and management of government’, ‘energy management of enterprises’ and ‘energy management of construction’.So far, Qingdao Gaoxin has gained 48 national patents and more than 300 computer software copyrights, and has undertaken 37 state-level scientific research projects and 62 provincial and municipal science and technology research projects, 10 of the above have won the honorary titles of "National Key New Product","Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Province","Shandong Outstanding Computer Achievement Award", "Qingdao Science and Technology Progress Award" and "Qingdao Outstanding Achievements in Energy Conservation Award". What is particularly worth mentioning is that Qingdao Gaoxin has participated in the development of the world's first protocol standard IEEE1888 in ubiquitous green network control that is initiated by Chinese enterprises. The standard is the world's first enterprise standard project that applies the informative and communicative technology to energy conservation and emission reduction, which fully demonstrates its technical strength and status in the field.

QUST provides important support and platform for the development of Qingdao Gaoxin. The adoption of enterprise-university-research integration mode has drastically improved the accuracy of the technology innovation and the development cyclefrom new technology to mature solutionhas been greatly shortened. At the same time, through talents competition and selection, a large number of outstanding talents have been sent to Qingdao Gaoxin, which effectively alleviate its shortage of adaptable skilled talents. Relying on the school resources, Qingdao Gaoxin integrates technology, talents and industry to create a superior platform for business growth. It has co-established enterprise-university-research cooperation bases with Automation College, College of Mathematics, School of Information and School of Economics and Management to provide a broad platform of key technology research and the transformation of outstanding achievements. Now it has acquired more than 50 intellectual properties, laying a solid foundation for its rapid development.

(Translated by LIU Chao)

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