Four New Colleges Established in QUST to Meet the National Needs for a New Era

Relying on its characteristic discipline and subject advantages, Qingdao University of Science & Technology (QUST)has established 4new colleges to providethe technology and talent support for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy for Shandong Province and Qingdao City.

The newly-established “Big Data College” in Gaomi Campus will be constructed through relying on big data research projectsof School of Information Science and Technology, and relevant projects of Autonomous Navigation and Intelligent Control Institute of School of Automation and Electronic Engineering. Based on College of Electromechanical Engineeringwe has established the “Intellectual Manufacturing College ” which will mainly focus on the fields of high-end intelligent equipment, new material and its intelligent preparation technology and equipment, intelligent interconnected auto and new energy auto, healthy and intelligent medical equipment, digital factory and emulation computing center,and realize six functions of "the introduction and cultivation of talent, the research and development of key technology, the cultivation and transformation of achievement, the product design service and emulation calculation service platform .” Depending onSchool of Information Science & Technology, “Microelectronic College” has been established. Good academic communication relationship with Hiroshima University(Japan), Zhijiang University, Fudan University and National Demonstrative Microelectronics College of Southeast University and the long-term partnership with Qingdao Semiconductor Research Institute and other ten enterprises provide vital support for the development of the college.Relying on School of Automation and Electronic Engineering, “Robot College” has been established which has opened an“Elite Class of Science and Technology” to conduct teaching, research, innovative training of intelligent robot and unmanned system. The establishment of the four colleges is an important step towards practicing the concept of “new Engineering”.

(Translated by Qi Xiangyang and Tian Jun)

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