The Construction of Sino-German Campus of QUST Started

OnMarch 28th, theLaunching Ceremony of the construction ofSino-German Campus of Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST)was held inSino-German Ecological Park of theNewDistrict of theWestCoast of Qingdao City. Many VIPsattended theLaunching Ceremonyand launched the construction by the pushing rod, they are Wang Xiaoling,Vice-Directorof International Exchange and Cooperation Office oftheEducationDepartment of Shandong Province, Jiang Yuanshao, Deputy Director of Qingdao Education Bureau, Yang Yufei, Vice-Secretary of West Coast New District Working Committee andHuangdao District Committee, Zhang Jianguo, Vice-Director of Sino-German Ecological Park andDeputy Secretary of its party committee, Liu Wen, Deputy Inspector of Sino-German Ecological Park Management Committee, Lothar Pelz, Vice-Chancellor of Paderborn University, Hans Kleine Büning, coordinator of the Sino-German Campus of QUST, Wolfgang Bremser, director of the Sino-German Campus of QUST, Ma Lianxiang, President of QUST, Li Qingling, Deputy Party Secretary of QUST, Chairman Wan Pengyuan and Executive Vice-President Zhang Runliang of China Computer World Publishing Service Company, etc.

On behalf of QUST, President Ma Lianxiang addressed that he wouldlike totake this opportunity to welcome all the leaders and guestsattendingtheLaunching Ceremony and express gratitude to those who have cared for and supported the development of QUST. Meanwhile, he also gave a brief introduction ofQUST.Ma indicated thatSino-German Campus of QUSTwas a concrete action to carry out the spirit of“theNational OutlineforMedium-and-Long-Term Educational Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020)”, an effective way to realize our President Xi’s idea of “Chinese Speed plus German Quality”, and another remarkable benchmarkof QUST to further expand the directionand fieldof cooperation after its successful running of CDTF (Sino-German Technical College).At present, QUST is implementing its13th Five Year Planand its comprehensive reform plan. With the opportunity of‘Double First-rate’ construction, and its international cooperation in runningschoolentering a newphase, QUST hasthe ability and confidence tobuild the Sino-German Campus into a high starting point and high level Sino-foreign cooperative educational institution through making full use of its professional disciplines, building up its high-level teaching staff, bettering its talent cultivating programs, and taking advantage of the strengths of governments, schools and enterprises. It will do its best to cultivate talents of application orienting for the needs of China’s social and economic development.

On behalf ofeach cooperative party, Pelz, Wan Pengyuan and Zhang Jianguo respectively addressed the ceremony and wished the construction ofSino-German Campus of QUSTa smooth startand an early completion.

It is known that in order to realize our President Xi’s initiative of “Chinese Speed plus German Quality”, and give full play to the vital function of education for theeconomic development and innovation power of both China and Germany, QUST, Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park, China Computer World Publishing Service Company and University of Paderborn jointly construct "Sino-German Campus of QUST ” to further expand the direction and field of cooperation, and comprehensively carry out exchanges and cooperation inscientific researches, teaching and other aspects.Among these four cooperative parties,Sino-German Ecological Park of Qingdao Citywillprovide the site and other governmental services, QUSTwill be responsible for the teaching and management,student enrolling and management, andeducation quality assurance,China Computer World Publishing Service Company as an investor,will be in charge oftheconstruction ofteachingand living facilities, andtheUniversity ofPaderborn will provide the school-running pattern of German“Dual System” education.

Sino-GermanCampus will completely draws on the experience of German“Dual System” education, work in close cooperation with German colleges, training institutionsandespecially those German companies in China now, adopt personnel training mode of“industry-university integration andSino-foreign cooperation” and enrollhigh school graduates to have four-year undergraduate education.Wewillstrive to cultivatehigh level internationalized and inter-disciplinary technology talents and management talents with Chinese and German cultural background, with linguistic competence of Chinese, German and English, having a good knowledge of international rules, mastering German standards and implementing German craftsmanship.

Sino-German Campus willadopt the education mode of“Dual System” and“1+N”. The Dual System refers to university and enterprise. Students willnot only learnbasic theory and technology in the Campus,but also receivetraining of professional knowledge andskillsin the enterprises. It is a new mode of higher education which combines enterprises and universities, theories and practices, knowledge and skills to cultivatehigh level engineering andmanagement talentswith strong initiative spirit and practice ability.Of theeducation mode of“1+N”, “1” refers toQingdao University of Science and Technology, “N” refers to the dominant disciplines ofdifferent colleges and universities in Germany.

It is reported that the Sino-German Campusof Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) has an advantageous geographical location, whichis located in the southwest side of Sino-GermanEcologicalPark, the northernslopeofZhuaMashan Mountain, to the east of Zhu Song Road,and nestlinginthe mountain and beside the sea.The Campus covers atotalarea of about 1007 mu, of which 647.5mu for construction, 359.5 mu for green land. The total investment is about 2.5 billion RMB,and the Campus will be built in three phases. The first phase of the Campus covering 296mu started construction in March 2017, andwill be completed by the end of August 2018.Theconstruction planofthe second and thirdphases of the Campus will bestarted in June 2018, andthe main functional areas of the Campuswillbe finishedby the end of the year 2023.Sino-German Campus ofQUST will strictly follow and execute thecontents andrequirements of Green Ecological Index System of Sino-German EcologicalPark in such aspects as planningconcepts, architectural styles andthe construction ofmunicipal facilities and so on, be the first to adopt the technology of green architectures (passive buildings)with low energy consumption, the technical standard of“sponge city”, distributed energy supply model, as well as modular water treatment recycling system to create the country’s leadingecological, recycling,andintelligent campus.In order to guarantee the project’s construction in time, the urban roadbeds connecting the campuses will be completed within this year tosatisfy the travel demands of students and faculties of the Campus.

(Translated by Duan Rui)

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