College of Marine Science and Bioengineering of QUST Unveiled

On April 23rd, the Unveiling Ceremony of College of Marine Science and Bioengineering (CMSB) of Qingdao University of Science and Technology(QUST)was held at the West Hall of Sifang Campus. President MA Lianxiang, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission YAO Feng, and Vice President CHEN Kezheng attended the ceremony. MA Lianxiang and YAO Feng unveiled the nameplate for College of Marine Science and Bioengineering of QUST.

On behalf of QUST, MA Lianxiang expressed his warm congratulations on the establishment of CMSB. He pointed out that setting up the College is not “for more and for having” the disciplines, but for having "first-class discipline", for building up a high-level university with “spirit, culture, responsibility, vitality and characteristics”, for serving the regional and industrial development, and for the national maritime power strategy and innovation-driven strategy. It has profound significance for QUST to perfect its discipline construction layout, promote the "13th Five Year" plan and comprehensive reform, and implement the construction of new engineering.

MA Lianxiang put forward three requirements and hopes to the newly establishedCMSB: First, to have clear college-running philosophy and implement its first mission of "Strengthening moral education and cultivating talents". CMSB should have the new education concept of “student first”, cultivate responsible students through responsible teachers, and effectively implement the fundamental task of "Strengthening moral education and cultivating talents". Second, to strengthen self-construction and increase education supply capacity. CMSB should make great efforts in scientific positioning and establishment of principles, do a good job in the fields of talent cultivation ability, discipline construction characteristics, scientific and technological innovation ability, integration of government, industry, university, and research and boldly carry out supply-side structural reform of education to continuously enhance the educational supply capacity. Third, to grasp the opportunity and strive to achieve a new breakthrough in first-class discipline. CMSB needs to further highlight the leading role of the discipline, forge the subject advantages in the fields of Marine and Biological Engineering, strive to a new breakthrough in first-class discipline in biochemistry on the basis of such preponderant disciplines as chemistry, materials science and engineering, ranking on the top 1% of ESI to provide strong support for the school’s "Double First-rate" construction. Finally, MA Lianxiang stated that QUST will vigorously encourage the leading group of CMSB try hard to build up the college and will give enough support for the college development. He believed that in the near future, CMSB will become an outstanding college of QUST with a clear idea of school running, obvious characteristics, strong strength and vitality of school running.

At the ceremony, CHEN Kezheng read out the "The List of Leading Body and Managing Staff of CMSB”. CHEN Fushan, the first dean of CMSB, and representatives of teachers and students delivered speeches respectively. CHEN Fushan put forward the basic objectives of the college construction: First, to make the subject of biological and biochemical science rank on the top 1% of ESI in 2020. Second, to have doctoral program in 2025. Third, to make the subject of biology be the first-class discipline of Shandong in 2025. Four, to build CMSB into a well-known teaching and research college of Shandong.

CMSB is a new college of QUST through merging the Marine Department of Chemistry College, and the Light Department and Biology Department of Chemical Engineering College. Relying on the chemistry and chemical engineering research platforms (national and provincial key laboratories) and the teaching platforms (national demonstration center and simulation center) CMSB will build itself into high-level, comprehensive, teaching and research college of science and engineering characterized by such natural and green energy sources as marine resources, biomass energy and biomass materials as well as the research and development of materials. At present, Qingdao City vigorously docks "One Belt and One Road" strategy of our country, makes strong actions to expand the development space of "blue granary", and the marine economy has become a new engine of economic development in Qingdao. The gross ocean production accounted for 25.1% of GDP of Qingdao in the year 2016. Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) set up CMSB at the right time, which is also an active response to the construction of "One Valley Two Areas" of Qingdao City and starts a new chapter of QUST toward the development of deep blue.

ZHENG Deqian, the director of Party Committee Office and President Office, presided over the opening ceremony. Heads of the concerned departments and colleges, all teachers and students of CMSB attended the opening ceremony.

(Translated byDuan Rui)

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