QUST Alumnus Donated Ten Million Yuan for its Development
On the afternoon of Sept.13, the Ceremony of Qixiang Group’s donation and the Naming Ceremony “Qixiang Building” were held at the Key Laboratory of Rubber-plastics (QUST), Ministry of Education in Sifang campus. Attended the ceremony were professor Ma Lianxiang, president of QUST and president of Alumni Association, Wei Dianhua, vice-president of QUST, vice-president of Alumni Association, and chairman of Educational Development Foundation, and Yao Xiang, the donor, a graduate of QUST and chairman of Qixiang Group and other leaders. Ma Lianxiang and Yao Xiang jointly inaugurated the “Qixiang Building” and Ma awarded the donation certificate and “Enthusiastic about Education, Model of Public Welfare” commemorative plate to Yao Xiang. Wei Dianhua signed The Donation Agreement of Qixiang Group with Yao Xiang and accepted the donation on behalf of QUST.
Professor Ma Lianxiang gave a speech at the donation ceremony. On behalf of QUST Party Committee, Administrative Committee and more than 30,000 teachers, students and workers, Professor Ma Lianxiang expressed thanks to Qixiang Group for helping QUST. He pointed out that the donation by Qixiang Group was the largest single donation after the establishment of Educational Development Foundation, the first charitable donation of ten million yuan and a significant achievement achieved by the Foundation. He spoke highly of the benevolence of Yao Xiang: the first is the “great cause”. Everyone has his ambition, but without ability and foundation he cannot achieve the ambition of making business bigger. Led by technological innovation and doing business with strong foundation, Qixiang Group has achieved what they want and the Group is widely admired. The second is the “great love”. Life is bright and love is our life-long pursuit and motivation of life. The donation by Qixiang Group is an expression of human love that deserves learning and praise. The third is the “great wish”. Great wish is the driving force of life. A good development of QUST is the long-cherished wish of the whole school. Today I am proud of my alma mater, tomorrow my alma mater to be proud of me. There is a dialectical unity relationship between alma mater and alumni. The forth is “great generosity ”. A generous person is one who can do well the great cause, devote great love and strive to realize the great wish. Generosity is representative of human nature, quality and style of noble people. The donation by Qixiang Group is an expression of generosity. Hope everyone can be generous and do our endeavor for the development of our country. At last, Professor Ma Lianxiang required the Foundation to make full use of the fund, make every penny count, have strict regulations, have clear account, publicize timely so as to live up to our alumnus' trust and support.
Yao Xiang said in his speech that as a graduate of QUST, he felt heartfelt gladness to be able to contribute to the development of education for QUST. After eleven years development, Qixiang Group has developed into a company with core technology and R&D strength and has received favorable response by the rubber industry which is inseparable from the strong support of QUST. He hopes to make his own contribution for the building of a first-class university and the first-class discipline by this donation. At the same time, he wishes teachers could do more research and produce more results, and train more outstanding students, then recommend more students with good skills and experiences to help Qixiang Group develop better and faster.
Attended the ceremony were the directors of School Office, Propaganda Department of Party Committee, Department of Personnel, Office of Academic Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Financial Department, Postgraduate Department, Rear Service Department, Infrastructure Department, Auditing Department, Archives, Youth League Committee, School of Polymer and the Key Laboratory of Rubber-plastics of Ministry of Education and some leaders of Qixiang Group.
It is reported that the ten million yuan donation by Qixiang Group is the largest non-orienting one after the establishment of QUST Educational Development Foundation. According to The Social Donation Project Naming Method of QUST ( [2016] No.53 ), after careful consideration the School Council agreed to name the Key Laboratory of Rubber-plastics of Ministry of Education at Sifang Campus “ QUST Qixiang Laboratory Building ” ( “ Qixiang Building” for short ) to express thanks to Yao Xiang and Qixiang Group for their donation.

Attached: A brief introduction to he donor
Yao Xiang, a rubber engineering graduate of 2000, and a Polymer Material postgraduate of 2003, is now the chairman of Qixiang Group and an outstanding young entrepreneur. In 2005, Yao Xiang established Qixang Group in Shanghai and set up the core culture and business ideas. Under his leadership, Qixiang Group has expanded from a single trade-oriented company to a company with core technology and R&D strength, sales increasing at an annual rate of more than 50%. In recent years, Qixiang Group won numerous honorable titles as “Shanghai Guyi Garden Economic City Development Award”, “The Best Enterprise Award”, “High-tech Enterprises of Jiangsu Province”, “Standardized Business Unit of Intellectual Property Management in Jiangsu Province”. Taking green environmental protection and high efficiency and energy saving as basic principles, the Group’s products have realized the organic unity of environmental value and commercial value and received favorable response by the rubber industry. At the same time, actively implementing social responsibility, donating to disaster areas, caring the social vulnerable groups and helping alumni and students through difficulties, the Group has established a good reputation and corporate image.
(Translated by Zhao Mengmeng)

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