QUST Listed in the National “Project 111”

On August 2nd, according to theNotice on the Establishment of New Bases for Introducing Talents of Discipline to Local Universities in 2017by Ministry of Education (MOE) and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), the Innovative Base for Introducing Talents of Rubber-plastics declared by QUST was listed in the Programme of Introducing Talents of Discipline to Universities --- or “Project 111”. A total of 21 local colleges and universities were included in the Project 111. Being selected a member of Project 111, QUST has made a major breakthrough in the construction of the national innovation base for introducing talents. It is also a symbolic achievement for the construction and international development of the high-end teaching staff and first-class discipline.

As an important plan for China to impel the construction of “Double First-rate”, “Project 111” jointly organized and implemented by MOE and SAFEA is not only a landmark platform representing the construction level of the discipline in universities, but also a national top platform for introducing talents.

“The Innovative Base for Introducing Talents of Rubber-plastics”, in the charge of Prof. LI Zhibo, mainly relies on the disciplinary platforms including QUST Characteristic & Preponderant Rubber-plastics Discipline of Taishan Scholar, the Shandong First-class Discipline of Material Science, and the Key Laboratory of Rubber-plastics of MOE. Focusing on the national great strategic demand, standing at the forefront of academic development and for the need of local economic development, the Innovative Base will conduct theoretical and technological innovation researches on complicated polymer systems of multi-degree freedom, multi-scale and multi-level, the new technology of polymer characterization, and functional polymer. The foreign team of the Innovative Base is led by Prof. Pierre Braunstein, the guest professor of QUST, academician of the French Academy of Sciences, academician of the German academy of sciences, academician of the European academy of sciences and fellow of the Royal Society. At present, the team brings together 10 international top experts from more than 10 international universities and research institutes, such as Prof. Timmothy J. Deming from Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Los Angeles and Prof. Joona Bang from Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering, Korea University. Through the organic integration of introducing talents and innovation, the two sides will make great achievements with important international influence, build a high land for high-level international cooperation in disciplines and introduce and cultivate high-end international talents. Therefore, it will help boost QUST’s construction of “Double First-rate” in an all-round way, enhance its innovation ability and social serving ability of the Rubber-plastics, and provide strong support and guarantee for the rapid development of China’s rubber industry.

(Translated byWang Xing)

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