Brief Introduction to Qingdao University of Science and Technology

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QUST Held the Summary &Commendation Conference of Undergraduate Education Evaluation and Constructio
On the afternoon of December 29th, theSummary&Commendation Conference of Undergraduate Education Evaluation and Construction was held at the second hall of LaoshanCampus. Leaders of QUST Ma Lia
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The Second Summit Forum ofIndustry-University-ResearchCollaborative Innovation ofQUST Held
On December 18thand 19th, the Second Summit Forum of Industry-University-ResearchCollaborative Innovation of QUST was held in Laoshan Campus.Ma Lianxiang, president of QUST and chairman of Alumni A
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New Stride for Sino-German Dual Engineering University
On December 19th, the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for Jointly Building “Sino-German Dual Engineering University”was signed among QUST, GFBM, and Qingdao Sino-German Ecolog
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The First Overseas Joint-Education Project of QUST Inaugurated Officially in Thailand
On _disibledevent="width: 700px; height: 467px;" /> It has been learned that the establishment of STIRC is the practical action to the implementation of the national strategy “One Belt, O
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Major Breakthrough on the Method of DNA Synthesis by QUST
An important research finding, discovered by a research group led by Ma Cuiping, from College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of QUST, was published online in Journal of the American Chemica
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