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Academician Braunstein Employed as Visiting Professor of QUST

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On the 3rdof June, Professor Braunstein visited Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST)and made an academic report. Professor Braunstein is an international well-known expert in polymer field, an academician of the Academy of Europe, the German Academy of Sciences and the French Academy of Sciences, Fellowship of the Royal Society, Chairman of Chemical Sciences in the Academy of Europe and Director of Coordination Chemistry Laboratory (University of Strasbourg) in the French Academy of Sciences. Vice-President LI Qingling, Vice-President LIU Guangye and heads of School of Polymer Science and Engineering, International Exchange and Cooperation Office and "Taishan Scholar Team of Preponderant and Characteristic Discipline ", attended the meeting.

At the engagement ceremony, LIU Guangye awarded Professor Braunstein the Letter of Appointment of QUST Visiting Professor.

Professor Braunstein gave an academic report of "Hybrid Ligands: Metal Complexes, Catalysts and Precursors to Nanomaterials".Professor Braunstein is the doctoral supervisor of Dr. LIU Shaofeng who is one of the key members of "Taishan Scholar Team of Preponderant and Characteristic Discipline" of QUST. Professor Braunstein said that the visit to QUST has left a new impression on him, and thought highly of QUST's scientific research work and experimental conditions, felt honored to be a Visiting Professor of QUST and showed a disposition to come on a regular basis and take part in scientific research at QUST .

Relevant Graduates and lecturers from School of Polymer Science and Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering and College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering attended the academic lecture and seminar and exchanged opinions.

Resume of Braunstein:

Professor Braunstein is a renowned coordination chemist and organometallic chemist, whohas made unique achievements in fields of design and synthesis of small molecular and design of nanomolecular materials. Besides, he has published more than 330 academic papers. In recognition of his outstanding contributions in coordination chemistry and valence-bond basic study, International Inorganic Chemical Society published a special volume with 500 papers to introduce Professor Braunstein included in its Inorg.Chim.Acta (Volume 350) in 2003. In 2005, Mr. Braunstein was selected a council member of Royal Society of Chemistry Press. In addition, he serves as an editorial board member, associate chief editor, chief editor of several famous journals, including Coord. Chem. Rev., Dalton Trans., J. Cluster Science, J. Organomet. Chem., New Journal of Chemistry, Organometallics.

(Translated by Wu Tengfei)

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