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QUST Held the Summary &Commendation Conference of Undergraduate Education Evaluation and Constructio

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On the afternoon of December 29th, theSummary&Commendation Conference of Undergraduate Education Evaluation and Construction was held at the second hall of LaoshanCampus. Leaders of QUST Ma Lianxiang, Wang Ruifang, Zhang Yuanli, Wang Wenzhe, Li Qingling, Liu Guangye, Zhang Shuhua and Wei Dianhua attended the conference.

At the conference, President Ma Lianxiang delivered a summary speech. Wang Ruifang, vice-secretary ofQUST Party Committee, read out the QUST Decision of Commending Advanced UnitsandIndividualsduring the Undergraduate Evaluation and Construction. Vice-President Li Qinglinggave a work report titledConsolidate the Achievements of Evaluation, Deepen Education Reform, and Improve the Level of Undergraduate Education and the Quality of TalentCultivation All-round .

In his speech, President Ma Lianxiang said that evaluation was a flag. It was because of evaluation that the level of our teaching facultyhas been improved significantly in a relatively short time. It was because of evaluation that we have constantly increased investment, improved education conditions, expanded education space so that we have had eight national level innovation platforms. It was because  of evaluation thatwe summarized and extracted the school-running tradition of"cultivating talents with rubber character"which stigmatizes our graduates with QUST feature, and that QUST has been ranking the first among all Shandong provincial universities for its graduate employment rate for ten consecutive years. In addition to these tangible and visible achievements, we have also made more important and intangible progresses. First, evaluation has further carried forward the “QUST Spirit” and “Rubber Character” and endowed them with new meanings. Secondly, evaluation has enabled us to implement Scientific Outlook on Development in all aspects of the school development,have more rational understanding of QUST top design, and have deeper and more objective thinking in managerial guiding ideology, school orientation, educational philosophy and educational ideas. Thirdly, evaluation has made the advanced and open school-running concept more internalized. Fourthly, specialty construction and course construction have become more scientific.  Lastly, the construction of school spirit and studyatmosphere has been strengthened. During the evaluation, the spirit of“striving to achieve, self-discipline, hardworking and selfless work"showed by all teachers and students will become inexhaustible source of strength for QUST future development.

President Ma Lianxiang put forward three suggestions on how to consolidate the evaluation achievements and how to work better in next stage.

The first is to inherit good traditions, carry forward “the QUST spirit”, and practice “rubbercharacter”on the basis of summarizing experience comprehensively. We should summarize, think, extract and absorb the good experience and practice in the evaluation to make them part of the “self-improvement and pragmatism” tradition, give new connotations to the “QUST spirit”and“rubber character”so as to offer dynamism for the development of QUST.

Secondly, we should give full play to our school-running advantages, analyze the existing problems, and promote the target and characteristic construction of QUST. The national comprehensive reform of higher education has started, and our nation’s target of constructing the world first-class universities and disciplines has beenput forward, we should transform the advantages and features accumulated for years into tangible matters to promote the development of other aspects and to form new advantages and features.

Thirdly, we should correctly grasp the development situation,give clear understanding of our task andcreate new brilliance. We should study the spirits of the 18th National Congress and its third, fourth and fifth plenary session, carefully make our"Thirteenth Five Year Plan"and quickly formalize our institutional system under QUST Statutes in order to lead the scientific development of our university. We will adapt to our nation’s target of"double first-class", strengthen the construction of disciplines so that more disciplines can be entered into top 1 % in world ESI. We should deepen the construction of national-level innovation platforms and further improve the integration of government-industry-university-research. We will make new splendid achievements by persisting in thefundamentaltask of morality education, carrying out thestrategyofstrengthening universities with more talents and improving the quality of education and talents.

Vice-President Li Qingling gave a work report of evaluation. His report covers the following points. According to the requirements of Ministry of Education and the provincial Department of Education, the evaluation task of all the stages was successfully finished in QUST by carrying out the policy of"Evaluation for construction, for reform and for management, combining evaluation with construction, focusing on construction", through increasing investment and overcoming difficulties with unity and cooperation. In the process of accepting evaluation, the energetic spirit, the working enthusiasm, the serious attitude and the satisfying undergraduate education work gave a good and deep impression to the experts. The expected aim and requirement of our evaluation work were reached with obvious effects. Li Qingling emphasized that the great attention of leaders at all levels was the key to achieve outstanding results,"QUST spirit"and"rubber character"were the source of strength for future development and the unselfish work of  all teachers and studentswas the basic guarantee to finish all the tasks. Opportunity favors the minds that are prepared and the result obtained is no accident. It was the natural result of our insisting on education and quality for sixty-five years, and the result of all teachers and students’ unity and hardworking.

At the conference, the Outstanding Contribution Prizes, the Contribution Prizes and Advanced Individual Prizes were awarded to those elected units and teachers. Wang Chuansheng, dean of Electromechanical College and XieCongxia, professor of the Department of Chemistry made a speech at the conference.

Leaders above collegelevel, department deans, directors of research offices, expertsof self-evaluation, liaison staff and representatives of prize winners attended the conference.

(Translated by Zhao Mengmeng)

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