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The Second Summit Forum ofIndustry-University-ResearchCollaborative Innovation ofQUST Held

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On December 18thand 19th, the Second Summit Forum of Industry-University-ResearchCollaborative Innovation of QUST was held in Laoshan Campus.Ma Lianxiang, president of QUST and chairman of Alumni Association of QUST, Wei Dianhua, vice-president of QUST and executive vice-chairman of Alumni Association of QUST, Wang Wenzhe, vice-president of QUST, Liu Guangye, vice-president of QUST attended the forum.Over 140 representatives are present at the forum, including about a hundred alumni from all over the country, and leaders and researchers of QUST faculties.

At the opening ceremony, President Ma Lianxiangdelivered his welcoming speech. On behalf of the Communist Party Committeeof QUST, QUST Administration Committee, QUST Alumni Association and over 30,000 students and staff of QUST, President Ma extended warm welcome to all alumni coming back to alma mater in spite of their busy schedules and sincere thanksfor theircontinuing care, help and support for QUST.Vice-President Wang Wenzheawarded the donating certificate to the first donator for “Alumni Bookshelf”.Wei Dianhua hosted the opening ceremony and introduced the latest development of QUST and alumni work. At the forum symposium, Vice-President Liu Guangye held warm and friendly talks with alumni.

The summit theme is centered around“the Rethinking, Redesigning and Rebuilding ofIndustrial and IndividualDevelopment under the Economic New Normalcy”. Fu Xiangsheng, a graduate of 1983, vice chairman of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation(CPCIF), Li Junfa, a graduate of 1983, chief engineer of China National Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute(NPCPI), HouFengxia, also a graduate of 1983, deputy secretary general of China Rubber Industry Association(CRIA),delivered their keynote speeches respectively on “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of Petroleum and Chemical Industry”, “the Current Situation ofChina Petroleum and Chemical Industry” and “the Development Plan of China Rubber Industry”.16 alumni delivered speeches at the forum, including Wang Chuanzhen, a graduate of 1959, president of Beijing SanQiangHeLi Radiation Engineering Technology Co. Ltd, awardee of IMRP Laureate Award, the highest award of international radiation processing.The summit forum further strengthened the exchanges and cooperation among alumni, between QUST and its alumni and built a good platform for alumni enterprises and the development of alumni themselves.

During the summit forum, “QUST Alumni Bookshelf”was launched and the book-donating ceremony of alumni held and the“Alumni E-shop” unveiled.Beijing YanShanJiLianPetrochemical Co. Ltd. and other enterprises set up booths.

It is learned that the Summit Forum of Industry-University-ResearchCollaborative Innovation was started in 2013, hosted by QUST, and organized by QUST Collaborative Development Co.Ltd.

(Translated by Wu Tengfei)

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