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New Stride for Sino-German Dual Engineering University

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On December 19th, the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement for Jointly Building “Sino-German Dual Engineering University”was signed among QUST, GFBM, and Qingdao Sino-German Ecological Park (QDSGEP) in the New District of West Coast of Qingdao. Li Qingling, vice president of QUST, Yan Jun, president of GFBM, Zhao Shiyu, director of administration commission of QDSGEP attended the signing ceremony. The three parties will jointly build the strategic docking platformof industrial talents for high-end and intelligent production with standards of“Made in China 2025” and “German Industry 4.0”.

At the ceremony, Zhao Shiyu, Li Qingling and Siegfried Vogelsang, chairman of GFBM, delivered speeches respectively, and wished the cooperation a complete success.Professor Zhang Yiheng, Director of International Exchange & Cooperation Office and other representatives attended the ceremony.

On September 10th, QUST, QDSGEP and CCW Media Group jointly signedthe Framework Agreement on Sino-German Dual Engineering University, which marked that the first Sino-German cooperation on dual university was officially launched. The signing of this Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement marks a solid step of the construction of Sino-German Dual Engineering University.

It is learned that GFBM, founded in 1992, is the biggest, non-profit education training institute with enormous strength and government background in the district of Berlin, Germany. It is responsible for the cooperative affairs with China’s vocational education, including project plan, implementation and management. It manages to implement several projects every year, embodying the German vocational concept of cooperation between universities and enterprises, combination of theory and practice. Based on the nature, target students and strategic focus of Sino-German Dual Engineering University, relying on the University and taking the advantages of German enterprises in China and Chinese enterprises in Germany, GFBM will build a scientific innovation center with international influence.

(Translated by Wu Tengfei)

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