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A Delegation of Chung-Ang University Headed by President Lee Yong Goo Visited QUST

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On October 18th, a delegation of Chung-Ang University, headed by President Lee Yong Goo, visited Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST). Professor Ma Lianxiang, president of QUST, met the delegation.

At the meeting, on behalf of QUST, President Ma Lianxiang expressed his welcome to the delegation. He said that QUST has been devoting to building up art majors such as animation. Since the establishment of the College of Communication and Animation (CCA), QUST has successfully shaped the animation image of “Large Horn Cattle” and it has appeared on CCTV-1 as a prime-time program of its Animation Program. After its “Calf-Rush” and “Dreamworks of Large Horn Cattle” getting the prize of “Five ‘One’ Project” of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, CCA has got many other prizes such as the third prize of “Taishan Literary and Art Prize”, the silver prize of “2015 China Monkey Award”, and prizes of “2015 China Cartoon Game VC Award”. CCA has demonstrated its good growth momentum. Chung-Ang University is a university with a long history, and its courses of Film and Performance, Art and its Film and Television Animation Postgraduate College all rank the first among South Korean universities. Many famous film stars now active in South Korean performing art circles graduated from the university. After the two universities established sister university relationship, we had done pragmatic cooperation. In August, the “joint-education postgraduate program of film and animation major” applied by both universities was approved by Ministry of Education. Ma Lianxiang believes that with the joint efforts of both parties the program can make great achievements.

Lee Yong Goo spoke highly of the international education cooperation strategy between the two universities based on the principles of developing hand in hand, win-win cooperation. He pointed out that the centenary of Chung-Ang University is approaching, and its majors of film, animation enjoy good fame in South Korea. Its Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Sciences, Multimedia and Film is the cradle of South Korea’s film stars. Lee Yong Goo indicated that with the cooperation of the two influential universities, we will develop the joint-education program into an influential international program and cultivate first-class talents in the areas of film, television and animation.

Other members of the delegation include Dean Baik Joon Ki, Professor Jahng Surng Gahb and Professor Kim Jung Hyun of the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Sciences, Multimedia and Film. Also present at the meeting are Director Zhang Yiheng, and Vice Director Wanghao of International Exchange and Cooperate Office of QUST, Party Secretary Wang Shiqing, and Vice Dean Yang Jianhua of College of Communication and Animation of QUST.

(Translated by Zhao Mengmeng)

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