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QUST Hosted the Seminar of a Key National Consulting Project “Study on Promoting Energy Production a

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On 11th and 12th April, a key national consulting project “study on promoting energy production and consumption revolution strategy” seminar of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) was held in Qingdao. Present at the seminar were more than 50 well-known academicians and experts from CAE, Tsinghua University, University of Hongkong, SINOPEC, State Grid Corporation of China and other institutions. Six academicians including Xie Keqiang, former vice-president of CAE, Du Xiangwan, former vice-president of CAE, Huang Qili, chief engineer of Northeast Corporation of State Grid Corporation, Chen Qingquan, an academician of University of Hongkong, Li Yang, deputy chief engineer of SINOPEC, Ni Weidou, an academician of Tsinghua University attended this seminar and discussed research  outcomes of the project jointly.  Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) hosted the seminar.

On the evening of 10th April, Zhang Xinqi, deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Qingdao met with Xie Keqiang and others at the Blue Horizon Hotel. Zhang Xinqi said, in recent years, by adjusting and upgrading of industrial structure and promoting to use clean and low-carbon energies, Qingdao has achieved remarkable results on green and cyclic development. He hoped that all academicians and experts could strengthen scientific research cooperation with Qingdao and the colleges and universities in Qingdao, and provide more intellectual support in low-carbon development of Qingdao. Zhang Xinqi also gave a full affirmation to QUST for its contribution that it had made in serving regional economic society development, and the experts spoke highly of the university-industry-research cooperation of QUST, especially in exploitation and utilization of energy resources. Xie Keqiang pointed out that by the chance of this seminar they would further enhance the study on energy production and consumption revolution, provide feasible advice for relevant national strategies and decisions, and at the same time, fully support Qingdao to build a model city of national energy production and consumption revolution. Ma Lianxiang, president of QUST, Wang Ruifang, deputy party secretary of QUST, Li Qingling, vice president of QUST attended the meeting.

On the morning of 11th April, Li Qingling, vice president of QUST, announced the opening of the seminar. Ma Lianxiang, president of QUST, Wang Xiaofang, deputy mayor of Qingdao, and Xie Keqiang, project leader of “study on promoting energy production and consumption revolution strategy”, delivered speeches successively and wished the seminar a complete success.  During his speech, Ma Lianxiang briefly introduced QUST, and its efforts in the study and consultation on energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection and cleaner production by integrating its discipline and personnel resources. He said that QUST has set up an Institute of Climatic Change and Energy Sustainable Development of QUST for serving the national strategy. Since October 2013, the Institute has organized its relevant experts and taken part in the major national consulting project “study on promoting energy production and consumption revolution strategy” presided by CAE, and has finished two special projects. During this period, the Institute also invited several famous universities and scientific research institutions of Germany to come to Qingdao for corporation and communication, and has been maintaining a long-term good corporation relationship. The research results provide Qingdao with solid research support for its applying for the model city of national energy production and consumption revolution, and can offer wider international scientific and technological resources support for its “model city” construction. In 2014, allying with CAE, QUST submitted a report to Qingdao Municipal Government to apply for the first model city of energy production and consumption revolution in China, and bring it into the 13th Five-Year Plan

It is reported that in line with the directives of central leaders , CAE has established the major academician consulting project “study on promoting energy production and consumption revolution strategy”, including 6 research groups: ecological civilization construction and energy production consumption revolution, world’s energy landscape changing and energy production consumption revolution, the third industrial revolution and energy production consumption revolution, promotion of energy green transformation (some issues about energy promotion revolution ), some issues about controlling the total energy consumption (some issues about energy consumption revolution) and support and safeguard of energy production consumption revolution. Under the guidance of“ securing and coordinating resource demand and supply; producing and controlling energy production scientifically ; optimizing structure for clean and efficient energy;  making full use of energy and avoiding waste; promoting innovation with policy guidance; using market mechanism to secure energy supply ”, centering on the research core of idea, structure, technology, system and mechanism, deep analysis and study will be carried out on specific directions and approaches of energy target, structure, storage and transportation, consumption, finance, domestic exploitation, overseas resources and policy orientation. Through the research of this project, they strive to offer theoretical support for major strategies and decisions that China carries out on promoting energy production, consumption revolution and controlling total energy consumption, and to offer feasible policy suggestion for further perfecting national energy strategy and mid-and-long term plan under the general trend of global energy supply and demand pattern changes, progress of energy technological development and severe climatic change,.

On the morning of 11th April, the delegate of six research groups respectively reported their newly research results. In the afternoon, the participants listened to the research result report from the comprehensive group, had a discussion and summary about the conference. On 12th April, the delegate visited Sino-German Eco-park and Rubber Valley.

(Translated by Li Guojing)  

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