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“Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center” Approved as the National Experimental Teaching

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The other day, the General Office of Ministry of Education(MOE)issued Notice on the Approval of 100 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers(Jiaogaoting [2016] No. 7), approving QUST “Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center” as the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center.

In light of the demands of MOE about developing the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2015,“Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center” of College of Electromechanical Engineering,QUST, recommended by Shandong Provincial Education Department, evaluated by experts organized by China Association of Higher Education, was approved as the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, following the National Chemical Process Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2013.

The experimental teaching demonstration center, as a fundamental part of “Quality Project”, has been given the high priority by leaders of QUST. QUST has made the overall plan and scheme in accordance with the project’s standard and content.Since 2006, QUST, aiming at experimental teaching demonstration center at both provincial and national level, has been carrying out the work of establishing and nurturing experimental teaching demonstration centers.The Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center, after approved as the Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in 2007, has taken the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center as its goal. All students and staff of College of Electromechanical Engineering have exerted themselvesto plan scientifically, organize carefully, implement step by step on the basis of the standard and goal.Many fruitful results have been achieved ofexperimental teaching, experimental team, management model, equipment and environment, demonstration effect.What’s more, QUST has given the construction of experimental teaching demonstration center the top priority in the construction of laboratory, put all kinds of resources and greater efforts into it.Relevant departments devoted themselves to the application for experimental teaching demonstration center and highlighted the QUST’s features in the aspect of mechanical engineering experimental teaching. All these have paid off and finally Mechanical Engineering Experimental Teaching Center was approved as the National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, which has raised public awareness of QUST.

By now, QUST has 3 national experimental teaching platforms, including 2 National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Centers and 1 National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center.During the thirteenth“Five-Year” Plan, QUST will, as usual, attach great importance to building up the national experimental teaching platform, actively promote the overall reform and innovation of experimental teaching, which can provide the strong support and full guarantee for establishing and developingexperimental teaching demonstration center and virtual simulation experimental teaching center.In addition, QUST will carry out the work of establishing and nurturing to develop more national experimental teaching platforms and comprehensively improve the construction level of experimental teaching center and the informationization level of experimental teaching.

(Translated by Wu Tengfei)

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