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The QUST 2016 Working Conference Closed, Party Secretary Liu Xingyun Delivered Concluding Remarks

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On the morning of March 2th, the 2016 working conference of Qingdao University of Science and Technology (QUST) successfully closed.Themeeting was chaired by President MaLianxiang. Party secretary Liu Xingyun delivered concluding remarks.

Party secretary Liu Xingyun highlighted three aspects around the 13th Five Year Plan and the comprehensive reform of QUST.

Firstly, how to understand the 13th Five Year Planand the comprehensive reform of QUST. He pointed out that the year 2020 is a year of importance for building China into a comprehensive well-off society and achieving China’s first one-hundred-year goal. It will be the year of the 70th anniversary of QUST, therefore making and implementing our 13th Five Year Plan well is of great significance. He emphasized that three principles should be held in making and implementing the 13th Five Year Plan: First, to make orientation by referring to model university. Carefully targeting a model university, we can concretely work toward our orientation. Second, problem-orientating.  Only by finding out problems and putting forward measures to solve these problems, can we overtake. Third, target-leading. The developing direction of our university should closely connect with national policies and requirements. We should carefully make and implement the 13th Five Year Plan around the construction of “double first rate”.

Secondly, focusing issues for making the 13th Five Year Plan. The first istalent cultivation. Three “degrees” should be ensured: adaptation, to adapt talent cultivation to social economic development; guarantee,to make sure that the effort of leaders and teachers and school resourcesprioritizes talent cultivation; satisfaction,students, parents and society are satisfied with our talent training. The second is discipline construction layout. The construction of thediscipline should stick to the principleof "do something but not everything", and highlight key disciplines and support their construction accordingly. The third is teaching staff construction.  Here the relationship between bringing in and training and the relationship between discipline construction and teaching staff construction should be well balanced, and team construction should be emphasized. The fourth is party construction. It needs full understanding, clear responsibility, good system, hard work, strict supervision and complete guarantee. The fifth is cultural construction. We should vigorouslypromote the “QUST Spirit” and “Rubber Character” and further strengthen the construction of school spiritual culture, system culture, behavior culture and environmental culture.

Thirdly, how to deepen comprehensive reform. He pointed out that comprehensive reform and the carrying out of 13th Five Year Plansupplement each other. Reforming is a long-term work, therefore reformatory measures should be included in 13th Five Year Plan. He emphasized that we should understand comprehensive reform accurately,  promote reform around cultivating high-level talents and emphasize morality education,  be strategic and learnfromadvancedexperience and model universities, insist on problem-orientating and start our reform  from the problems that teachers and students concerned and existed in our university,have storage reform to fully bring the  teachers' enthusiasm into play, insist on overall plan and pilot first, ensure operability with both blueprint and concrete measures, improve responsibility system and evaluation system, improve the mechanism of combining university and society , and giveplay to the core role of party committee in the reform.

Liu Xingyun put forward specific requirements in making the 13th Five Year Plan of our university, that is to strengthen leadership and make timetable and concrete measures, learn from model universities,  do deep research and adequately seek advices.

President Ma Lianxiang required all sectors to study the spirit of the conference, summarize the opinions and suggestions of all the group discussions, havestrategic thoughtin carrying out work and fully implement significant matters, important works and major initiatives. He gave special requirements for some key tasks of 2016, such as building the national laboratory, international joint-education program, introduction and training for talents and infrastructure construction. He hoped our university can maintain stable and rapid development with the efforts of all the cadres, teachers and students.

(Translated by Zhao Mengmeng)


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